Monday, May 25, 2009

Where'd that bump come from?!

I wanted to document my belly's growth in photos and sometimes I look at them and wonder when it got that big or round because it sure doesn't seem it to me most of the time.

This first one is at 16 weeks when I first started showing. There's a little belly there!

The next is from 20 weeks. Not really much of a difference.

Then at 22 weeks I popped right out there!

25 weeks and growing by the day now!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

It's been a while!!!

So I realize it's been forever since I actually wrote anything new so I guess this will be a quick recap!'s actually been almost a year!

So let's see, last fall I started doing manicures and pedicures at work which I actually really enjoy. I work with alot of really fun people and we work really well together. Also, last September, Eric and I took our "belated honeymoon" and went to Disney in Orlando, FL. We had an amazing trip and we spent almost everyday walking around the parks and going on tons of rides. It was like being a little kid again! It was everything we'd hoped it would be and since it was the off season, there were practically no lines and no waiting.

Thanksgiving and Christmas were the usual for us. We bounced back and forth from the Beaudin's to the Byers' households for all the festivities. Both holidays went really well and we really enjoyed spending that time with our families.

Onto New Years! Probably around December 28th to the 30th I took a pregnancy test and myself being so fidgety, I didn't check it in the recommended time frame. Of course I looked anyways and there they were, two lines! So I threw it out and figured I'd take another one later to be sure. New Years Eve I worked half a day at work and I went home and slept for about 5 hours. I was so tired all the time! We went to our friend's house to ring in the new year with them and by the end I could barely keep my eyes open.

The following weekend I took 4 tests all in one day and yup, we were pregnant! We were so excited, but nervous at the same time. A blood test confirmed it and so we decided it was time to tell our families. I told mine first because my mom would figure it out and I'd probably explode if I didn't! They were overjoyed to find out they were goin to be a Nana and Poppa. We then told Eric's family who were also excited for their first grandchild.

In April, we had the "big" ultrasound and found out we're having a baby boy! Not only that, but he was growing perfectly and measured right on track. We settled on his name pretty quickly too: Jackson Eric Beaudin, and Jack for short.

Since then everything has been a whirlwind of doctor's appointments and setting up a nursery for our little peanut, who is already beyond spoiled! He'll be a little heartbreaker with a better wardrobe than mommy and daddy combined!

My pregnancy has been great though. No morning sickness, only nausea in the beginning. I haven't even gained the average amount for how many weeks I am. Up until today I was still wearing my pre-pregnancy skinny jeans. One pair I can still wear because they stretch, but the other ones are out. They were squishing poor Jack. So at 25 weeks, I'm just starting to wear maternity jeans and let me tell you, they are comfortable! Jack seems so much happier too. He's a mover and a shaker and I can sit and watch my belly shake when he really gets going.

I think that covers it for now and I promise I'll update at least monthly from now on!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Great news!

Just a quick update and some good news for each of our careers:

Eric had his review this week and he was able to receive up to a $0.50 raise. In most cases, the raise is calculated by 2 separate elements. One, being the amount of work he does and the quality of it. The second is, how well his shift performs as a team. He was expecting to get a good score on the part that was just an evaluation of himself, as he's the top producer on his shift and has been for some time now. He was hoping to get the full $0.50 raise, but wasn't sure if he would and was planning on asking for it since he wasn't thinking that they would offer it to him. He went in and they did the evaluation and they gave him the full raise! AND, one of the IT guys has been teaching him how to repair the printers, which could result in a recommendation for an IT position.

My job is also going very well. I was offered full time hours starting in September with 20 hours in the cafe and 20 in the salon/spa. Some of the training may start in August, but that isn't set in stone yet. This is a great opportunity for me and for my career as well.

We're both very happy with the way things are going at our jobs. We'll see where things go from here!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Some recent pictures!

The Married Life!

Eric and I were married exactly 8 months ago, on Saturday, November 17th, 2007. Since then, the time has just flown by, and hopefully this will help us to keep everyone updated.

Eric is still working at Harland Clarke and he is currently the top producer on his shift. He also has the opportunity to advance and take CISCO classes, which are necessary for IT positions.

I am currently working at Choc-A-Latte cafe inside Paparazzi Day Spa. I graduated from Phillip's Hairstyling Institute in February of 2008 and I will be transitioning to the salon/spa facility eventually (hopefully by fall). I currently have my temporary cosmetology license and I am waiting to hear from the state about when I will be taking my state boards.

In March 2008, we moved into a bigger, 2 bedroom apartment in Liverpool, NY. It's much closer to both of our jobs and only a short drive from each of our families. My favorite "room" is the double walk in closet, but there really isn't anything I don't like about it.

The absolute best feature of our new apartment is definitely the neighbors upstairs. I had originally heard about the complex through James, a guy I had worked with at MyGym Children's Fitness Center. He and his fiance, Jena, moved here when he got the job at MyGym, as they were both from different areas. She was from Ravena, near Albany, and he was from Herkimer. Because they weren't from here, they didn't really know anyone. Our moving in turned out to be a blessing because if we hadn't, we wouldn't have met our best friends. Even though I knew James from work, when the four of us got together, he and Eric hit it off and so did Jena and I. The four of us hang out almost every night and it gives us another couple to talk to, go out with, and relate to.

About 2 months ago, my car died. It was a 99 Oldsmobile Intregue (RIP). We had a good run, but there was nothing I could do to save it except replace the entire engine. The price to replace it would have come out to be more than the car was worth, so we ended up selling it for parts. We shared a car for a few weeks, but finally we decided that we need to have 2 cars. We started looking around and we finally found the perfect car for me. A 2002 purple PT Cruiser. It runs great and I absolutely love it!

This September, we're going to Florida/Disneyland for a belated honeymoon. We decided to wait until now because I was still in school when we got married. Thankfully, we won't have to pay for our room because Eric's parents we're gracious enough to trade their timeshare for one in Florida for our trip. We also decided to drive instead of fly because plane tickets were too expensive, neither of us are old enough to rent a car, and that way we can take food with us so we don't spend as much eating out for every meal.

Right now, we're just enjoying our lives together as young, newlyweds. We have 2 ferrets named Cows and Colossus and 2 cats, a full grown Himalayan named Chloe, and a kitten named Garbage (Eric names our pets). We watch movies, go out to eat, play video games, and hang out with our friends. We have alot of fun together, even if we're just staying in and cooking dinner. We've been married almost a year and we're still very much in love, which means we're off to a great start and we'll have many, many, MANY years together to come!